2014 Accountant’s Accelerator Incredible Implementor


Tricia AndersonA huge congratulations to Tricia Anderson, Founder and Owner of P.T. Anderson, E.A. in Boca Raton, FL who is our 2014 Accountant’s Accelerator Incredible Implementor.

The Accountant’s Accelerator program promotes implementation excellence and recognizes program participants who have demonstrated excellence in implementation, participation, and solid business results.

Here is an excerpt from Tricia’s winning entry:

“The intangible benefits I have received as being part of the 2014 Accountants Accelerator are truly immeasurable. I have a renewed passion for the accounting business. The confidence I have when speaking to clients about pricing has soared. My job has gone from daily accounting tasks to true managing of an accounting practice.

My husband and children are thrilled that we are spending so much more time as a family. Since my children are 8 and 11 these are the years that I want to be available for them. I want to teach them a good work ethic and that you do not have to be a slave to your job to be successful!

PrintIt is amazing what a change in perspective can do. Now, I want to immerse myself in all the AA webinars have yet to attend. There is so much information out there in the Accountants Accelerator program, I feel have just scraped the surface. I am looking forward to an even greater 2015!”

The Accountant’s Accelerator program holds the Incredible Implementor contest every year. For info on the Accountant’s Accelerator program, go here: https://accountantsaccelerator.com/products/accountants-accelerator-network/