2014 Accountants Accelerator Survey Results

Thank you for taking our survey; we had a record number participate.   We asked about your role in your business, and if you’re curious, we’ve posted the results below so you can see where you rank with others.

The vast majority of you are owners of your own accounting, IT, or financial services business.   Here’s the breakout of how many years you’ve owned your own business.


Almost all of you offer bookkeeping services, and a large number of you offer services related to accounting software.  More than half of you offer tax preparation, and a surprisingly large number of you offer software training.  Here’s the breakout on the services you offer:


Nearly half of you work solo and a third of you have 2-4 full time employees or the equivalent.  Here’s the chart on what your team looks like:


The number of clients that each of you serve varied quite a bit.  A little over a third who answered the survey have more than 50 clients.  Another third have 11-50 clients, and another third have 10 or fewer clients.


Almost everyone uses QuickBooks as their accounting software.  Sage was the next most popular brand, followed by Xero.


I hope you enjoyed our survey results.  How do you compare?