Announcing the winners of the 2015 Incredible Implementor contest

I’m super-excited to be announcing the three deserving winners of the Incredible Implementor contest for 2015.

First place goes to Scott Sander, CPA of Sander & Associates, P. A. located in Aventura, FL. His double-digit revenue growth was a result of good hiring and delegation, the right tech tools for a productivity boost, actually relaxing and enjoying his marketing activities, using tips from On Millionaire Time, and upleveling his client touch plan in a major way.

Congrats, Scott! It’s about time we had a gentleman win.

Second place goes to Jodi Ryan of AdvantEdge Accounting Solutions in Oceanside, CA. She gained revenue from hiring two people, implementing three marketing channels and new marketing processes, and systematizing all sorts of tasks. She’s in track for her 5-year business plan.

Congrats Jodi!

Third place goes to Jan Baudat of QB Jan, LLC in Sedona, AZ. Gosh, all three of you live in the best places! Jan has created package pricing and loads of new marketing materials. She has closed more clients from making changes in her sales processes as well as simply thinking differently about her value to clients. She has implemented a new website, ShareFile portal, and Expensify app as well as systematized new client onboarding procedures. Her personal life is better and her husband is happy about that!

Congratulations Jan!

Please congratulate these Incredible Implementor winners. The contest will be held again in the summer of 2016.