[Survey] Are You Curious About How Other Accounting Firms Get New Business?

Websites. Networking. Social Media. Direct Mail. Chat Bots. Events. Google Ads. Blogging. Open Houses. Newsletters. Trade Shows. Speaking. Remarketing. Messaging. Cold Calling. And that’s just the beginning. Today, there’s an endless list of places to find clients, but your time and resources are limited. What’s working? What’s

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71 Places to Find New Clients for Your Accounting Firm or Bookkeeping Business

In the accounting industry, cloud accounting is a hot topic. Accountants and bookkeepers are moving their clients off of desktop software and onto cloud accounting applications to reap the many benefits of productivity, security, and collaboration that these tools offer. This trend goes hand in hand with

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Eleven Website Updates to Make Before Tax Season Starts

To say that things have changed in the last year in the web space is an understatement. If you’re one of those who hasn’t updated their site in a while, it’s the perfect time of year to catch up. Here are my suggestions and tips for a

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Getting Started with Advisory Services

When you ask an employee or partner of one of the top accounting firms what advisory services are, you’ll get a list with at least some of these items on it: Personal Financial Planning Fraud Detection Technology Services IT Assurance Business Valuation Mergers and Acquisitions Litigation Support

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Are There Really Riches in Niches?

There might be riches in niches, but there is a better way to grow your practice than specializing in niches. Instead of niches, determine the ideal client that is right for you.You might be surprised by how many you are already working with. Try this exercise: Obtain

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How to Stay in Touch with Clients This Time of Year

A top business priority is to make sure we keep the clients we have.  A large part of our marketing time should be devoted to strengthening and expanding the current client relationships we already have.   And there’s no way to better do that than to increase communications

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Six Factors That Affect Your Pricing

How did you come up with the price you charge clients?  Did you pick a number based on what you heard someone else charge? (which happens to be against FTC trade rules) Or do you have an elaborate estimating process?  Hopefully, your answer is somewhere in between.

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Three Ways to Price Your Accounting Services

The most popular ways to price your accounting services are: Hourly Pricing. Fixed Fee. Value Pricing. The definitions of these three methods vary because accounting vendors and consultants don’t always agree on what they are. The key difference among the three methods is the basis or starting

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How to Get Your Clients to Understand Your Value

A couple of the questions that you asked about revenue-building included questions on “value.” We perceive our services one way, our clients perceive our services another way, and often there is a mismatch between the two. At the core of this issue is the concept of value.

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Five Ways to Earn a Steady Stream of Revenue All Year Long

Perhaps you’ve just come off a great tax season. Your bank account is healthy – the fattest it will be all year.  How can you continue your revenue momentum? Here are five ideas that will help you increase your revenue while serving your clients well. Serve your

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