Programs for Speakers

Beyond the Speaking Fee:  How to Monetize Your Audience, Increase Your Passive Income, and Earn Far More Revenue

There are a handful of million-dollar speaking businesses, and while a few speakers can command $20K and up 50 times a year, most speakers won’t reach that revenue level with speaking fees alone.  The good news is you can still build a million-dollar business (and help far more people in a deeper way) by developing a kick-butt multi-stream revenue model.   In this session, learn 14 additional revenue streams beyond speaking that any professional services expert can deploy to get to 7 figures and more.  By the end of this session, you’ll have a revenue plan that will show you how to reach your goal number.

“Sandi is a wealth of knowledge. She gave us great insight plus had wonderful interaction with the audience creating a hands-on experience with real takeaways to implement right away.” – Jessica Rector

Six Simple Steps to Get More Clients, More Profits and More Free Time in Your Speaking Business

Do you want to speak more?  If so, you need a kick-butt marketing plan that is the lowest cost possible and that really works so you can reach your goals every year. You often hear bits and pieces of how to do a particular marketing method or task, but have you had anyone help you strategize and put it all together?

In this session, participants will walk away with increased marketing skills, a one-year marketing plan, and a list of marketing materials they’ll need to develop to execute their plan.  We cover:

  • The ten best methods to find speaking clients, in order of effectiveness.
  • Counter-intuitive marketing ideas that work
  • How to create a marketing plan, along with two other plans you don’t know you need!
  • How to move from waiting for clients to come to you to proactively attracting ideal clients
  • Step-by-step what to do to make your marketing more effective, even if you’ve been around for a while

“Sandi really know stuff that makes a big positive impact in marketing. She is Progress.” – Dean Lindsay, Author of The Progress Challenge

Beyond Your Website: Get Famous, Get More Bookings, and Get More Revenue from Your Online Presence

One of the keys to effective marketing in today’s world is to go beyond some of the more traditional marketing methods, such as your web site, and go far deeper with advanced tools that will generate inbound leads and build your fame quotient.  I’ll share an easy step-by-step formula that will boost your online leads, your following, your product revenue, and hopefully your bookings.  I’ll also do a 5-minute hot seat website review for anyone who wants it.  You’ll learn:

  • How to define your ideal client, whether it’s a meeting planner or an audience member (hint: it’s both)
  • How to create a lead magnet to attract leads
  • How to attract them into your funnel and capture their contact information via content marketing and a landing page
  • How to measure and increase your conversions
  • How to improve your website to get more leads

Bio:  Sandi Leyva started her business with no fans, no list, and no clients.  Today, her business earns 9 revenue streams from 1600 clients in 7 countries.  She’s presented over 750 speeches, written 30 books, and has a following of over 50,000 fans.  More here:

“Sandi’s expertise comes from the school of hard knocks. So everything she shared, she’s done and made lots of revenue doing it. She gives practical steps I can go home and do today. I can’t wait to implement!” – Sandi Mitchell, Apex Leadership Mastery

“I truly appreciated the discussions on creating multiple revenue streams as well as the tips for creating a special offer. Excellent presentation!” – Kevin G. Green

“I love the information on how to drive traffic to an email list. I’ve been doing well on social media and ready to take it to the next level. Thanks Sandi.” – Gene “The Barnabas” Mosley

“Thought it was terrific!” – Henry Harrison

“Great systems. Love the speaker revenue options. So easy to follow.” – Kate Delaney, NBC Sport Radio Network Host and Speaker

“Liked thought stimulations for revenue sources, landing page for each offer, online lead generation, shiny title, and client persona.” – Rex Houze, Founder & CEO, Improving Performance and Results

“Amazing, more than I expected. Good to hear about sponsorship and details about membership.” – Linda Thomas
“This was my first NSA Lab and this was fantastic! Although I am still solidifying ny overall presentation, the information Sandi presented was a fast-track start to my developing business. What a wealth of knowledge! Thank you, Sandi, for such valuable information, delivered in a high-energy fashion.” – Sandra K. Samuel, WordOut Communications

“Great info, thoroughly thought out. Highly usable info.” Peggy Edge, Edge Consultants