How to Get Your Clients to Understand Your Value

A couple of the questions that you asked about revenue-building included questions on “value.” We perceive our services one way, our clients perceive our services another way, and often there is a mismatch between the two. At the core of this issue is the concept of value.

The value-related questions included:

  • How do I get the client to understand value in this do-it-yourself climate?
  • How do I increase fees annually for clients who are having issues with the current fees?
  • How do I price fairly, so that I am well compensated, but clients still feel they are getting a good value?
  • How do I attract a higher quality client?

Perhaps you don’t need different clients at all. You just need a different way of communicating your value to the clients you have.

Often, it’s all in the languaging. We take for granted that we’re the numbers experts. Clients are not necessarily good at numbers like we are. We forget that we see the value since we’re naturally numbers people, but our clients don’t. We have to educate them in a couple of different ways.

Here are a few tips to build your value:

  • Let clients know what they don’t know that you do for them. Don’t overwhelm them with accounting details, but let them know the results you’ve achieved.
  • Learn how to show them the risks you’ve reduced for them.
  • Learn how to show them the time and money you saved them.
  • Learn how to ask them about what they value.
  • Learn how to word your client communications so that your value is increased in your clients’ eyes.

Saying a different sentence or even a phrase can make all the difference in how the client values the work you do for them. On tomorrow’s webinar, I’ll talk more about value and I’ll address additional questions we received from you about building your revenue, including how to do it without adding more time to your schedule.