Every Home or Office Needs a Bragging Board

A great way to boost happiness at home or work is to put up a bragging board.

If you’re like a typical family, you’re often dwelling on the negative more than the positive. “Did you get all your homework done?” Did you forget to take out the trash?” Could you pick up your room?” “Did you forget the dry cleaning?” “Why isn’t there any milk?” And on and on. The bragging board puts a badly needed focus on the positive.

At home, take a large poster board and tape it to the refrigerator or to part of a wall in a central place in the house. Have some pens nearby. Make a special day that is “Bragging Day.” Each member of the family writes something on the poster that is a “brag” about someone else in the family. For example, if Dad helped Claire with her homework, Claire might acknowledge him by writing “I aced my science test today with your help, Dad. Thanks!” If Claire did one of her brother’s chores last week, Ben could write, “Thanks for bailing me out, Sis.” If Mom hosted a dinner party for Dad’s work buddies, Dad might write, “You made me look like a rock star at the party, Mom.”

All members of the family get practice praising and acknowledging each other for their contribution in their lives. It teaches the kids great relationship skills and reminds the parents not to take each other for granted.

Try the bragging board at your house once a month or even once a week, and see what happens. You can also make the bragging board a permanent part of your office by posting it on a bulletin board and allowing employees to contribute to it randomly.