Five Great Places to Get Accounting Leads Online

Once you’ve gotten your web site in tip top shape, it’s time to let the world know about it.  One way is to set up profiles on the web that drive traffic back to your site.  Here are five places you can do just that:

1. Intuit’s QuickBooks ProAdvisor listings.

If you enter “QuickBooks help” and the name of your city into a search engine, the top two to three listings are almost always the ProAdvisor listings on the Intuit site.  This is a steady source of leads, especially if there is little competition in your area or if you have earned the Advanced certification.

To be listed, you’ll need to pay the annual fee for the program ($549 as of this writing) and pass one or more exams to demonstrate your competence.

To maximize your leads, make sure you have post a great photo, have your profile professionally written, and pass as many certifications as you can.   Here’s where you can get more info:

Bonus tip:  Be sure to maintain any other software or vendor certification profiles you’ve earned.  I know accountants who have gotten great leads from Sage, Fishbowl, and others.

2. Teaspiller.

Teaspiller is an online directory for accountants, and the basic profile is free.  If you do taxes, you definitely need to take the time to get listed.  Teaspiller has done a great job of getting publicity during tax season, and I personally know people who have gotten work from the site.


Right after your QuickBooks ProAdvisor profile is listed, is often next in line.  Jim and Cheryl Berry work really hard on the SEO for the site, and it shows.  Plus, it’s not just for bookkeepers; they have areas for CPAs, payroll specialists, Enrolled Agents, and more.  The annual fee to get listed is $299.  (Accountant’s Accelerator program members receive a discount.) Go here to find out more:

4. Elance.

Accounting has its own category on Elance, and I’ll bet there are some companies who’d like to find U.S.-based expertise and workers.   I personally use Elance when my referral network can’t supply me with a unique skill I need.  If you have unusual experience from a previous client, be sure to post it.  I also recommend Elance to entrepreneurs just starting out.

Out of all of these suggestions, this one will be the most time-consuming because you will need to browse jobs and bid on them.  However, it beats for quality.

Elance takes 8.75 percent of what you bill your client once there’s a match.  Otherwise, it’s free to sign up.

5. Yelp.

You might not think about finding your accountant on Yelp, but that’s what’s so good about it.  Hardly any accountants are listed.  If you do personal taxes or finances, it’s a great place to be listed.  But even if you don’t, it’s worth taking the time to set up your profile, especially if you’re new in business or if leads from other sources have fallen off.

If you’re worried about a bad review, don’t be.  Two-thirds of all reviews posted are four stars or higher.  Consider doing a Yelp Deal; it’s an alternative to Groupon.

Try these ideas to broaden your online reach and get more clients for your accounting or QuickBooks consulting business.