I’d like to ask you for a favor

I’m super-close to finishing the updates on the JumpStart Your Accounting Business course I’ll be teaching live in June. I created this course in 2013 and have strived to improve it every year. It includes 8.5 hours of webinar training, one ebook, and several forms, samples, and templates designed to jumpstart your business revenue. It’s a complete brain dump of everything I know to get cash and clients flowing in the door for you fast without spending a fortune on marketing.

We cover marketing basics, pricing options, client communications and onboarding, marketing materials, lead generation, tech tools, online marketing, influencing your prospect, marketing planning, negotiation, content marketing, and your questions. It’s all about generating more revenue for you.

However, we need your help. Before I finalize the webinar presentations and materials, we need to make sure we have covered everything that is important to you.

This is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey – there is really only one thing we want to ask you…
What are your two top questions about increasing revenue that we absolutely need to answer in our JumpStart course?

Post your answers in the Comments, email me at support@sandismith.com, or use this SurveyMonkey link to give us your ideas: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JV59XBZ

Thank you for your time and input.