Incredible Implementor Contest

I am excited to announce the 2015 Incredible Implementor contest.

Accountant’s Accelerator promotes implementation excellence and recognizes program participants who have demonstrated excellence in implementation, participation, and solid business results. PrintThis is your chance to have a little fun, win a cool prize, and bring out your competitive side! The three winners will be recognized in Sandi’s newsletter and website. They will be able to display the Incredible Implementor logo on their web site. Prizes include $500, $250, and $100 cash.Deadline for applications for the 2015 Accountant’s Accelerator Incredible Implementor award is August 15, 2015 at midnight CT, and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

Incredible Implementor Contest Rules and Guidelines

1. The deadline for this contest is August 15, 2015.
2. There will be three winners this year and the winners will be chosen and announced shortly thereafter.
3. The top winner will receive $500. The second place will receive $250, and the third place winner will receive $100. Income tax due on the prize is the winners’ responsibilities.
4. The three winners will be announced in my newsletter and be able to use the Incredible Implementor logo on any of his/her marketing materials if desired.
5. The odds of winning are very high! Less than 10 people enter each year. The final odds of winning will depend on exactly how many people enter.
6. There is no fee to enter other than what you’ve already paid to be part of this program.
7. This contest is void where prohibited.
8. You must be a member in good standing of Accountant’s Accelerator 2015 with a membership expiration date of August 15, 2015 or later.
9. You must apply to be considered for this contest. Do this by simply sending an email with the items listed in #11 below to at any time between now and the contest deadline.
10. Winners will be chosen based on the following criteria:
a. A clear demonstration of additional revenues brought in based on one of the techniques taught in the program. (25%)
b. A clear demonstration of changes implemented in your business as a result of the content in the program. (25%)
c. A clear description of intangible benefits you’ve received from the program. (25%)
d. Judges’ discretion (25%)
11. To be considered, complete the following questionnaire and send it via Word or PDF to :
a. Which technique in Accountant’s Accelerator has generated the most additional revenue for you this year? Include the technique, how much money you’ve made or saved, how you implemented, and any other details that you feel are relevant.
b. Feel free to repeat item (a) for as many other techniques as you’d like us to consider for the contest.
c. What changes did you make in your business as a result of the Accountant’s Accelerator program? How have these benefited your business? What do you feel these changes will help you accomplish in your business?
d. What intangible benefits have you received as a result of the Accountant’s Accelerator program? How have these benefited your business or your life?
e. Any other comments you’d like to make about the program.
12. Applicants must give their permission for me to use any or all of the content of their entries in marketing material for future Accountant’s Accelerator programs. If there is a client that wishes to remain anonymous, we can work with you on that. We will check with you before we publish anything.
13. If you have questions, please send them to
14. Good luck!