Keeping Up with ChatGPT Changes and News

Tax and accounting professionals are used to keeping up with new tax laws that arrive at a rapid pace. One thing that’s changed faster than tax law this year is AI, and specifically the features of ChatGPT.

If you made a decision about using ChatGPT a few months ago, this software tool has already changed drastically. The new features are breathtaking. While some of the same pitfalls exist, others have been greatly reduced. And as always, the amount of time you spend on your learning curve of this software will greatly affect the quality of the output you generate.

Simply put, you may want to revisit your decision, especially if it was to limit its use.

Here’s a rundown of just a few of the new features ChatGPT has been upgraded with:

• November 2022 – ChatGPT was introduced to the public.

• February 2023 – ChatGPT Plus, the paid version of ChatGPT was announced.

• March 2023 – ChatGPT 4.0 was rolled out.

• April 2023 Plug-ins were released. This is one of many ways to browse the web and get current information, overriding the limits of when the model was updated to.

• June 2023 – ChatGPT for iPhone was rolled out with a very cool audio feature.

• July 2023 – Code interpreter was introduced to paid users. This model allowed ChatGPT to write Python programs, enabling it to read, write, and modify certain types of files. ChatGPT can do accounting tasks this way, where it couldn’t with the main model.

• July 2023 – Custom instructions were added to increase prompt efficiencies.

• August 2023 – OpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise.

• September 2023 – Code interpreter was renamed to Advanced Data Analysis.

• October 2023 –Advanced Data Analysis, browsing, and Dall-E were rolled into the main ChatGPT 4.0 model to make it multimodal.

• November 2023 – Copyright shield was announced for Business and API users, not for free or Plus users.

• November 2023 – GPTs were announced, increasing the quality of output and reducing prompt complexity.

• January 2024 – The GPT store will open.

If you’re not familiar with some of these features, this list will help you see where you are in the ChatGPT learning curve. ChatGPT’s new features are worth spending time on, even if you’ve already taken a course or two a few months back. With over 100 million weekly active users on ChatGPT, you won’t want to get left behind.

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