Profiting from Partnerships

  1. Recently, a CPA, a banker, and a mergers and acquisitions specialist worked together to hold a seminar for individuals who want to turn a business idea into a startup. They had a great turnout and the M&A expert continued to meet with 4-6 highly qualified leads. Who could you partner with that expands your business offerings and provides a broad solution (or options) for the client?
  2. Four professional speakers worked together to produce a one-day event where each of them gave presentations to the audience. Could you get together with “almost competitors” to cover one angle of your industry’s services while others cover the other topics?
  3. It’s very common to see an expert such as a CPA or attorney partner with a business development (marketing) professional to grow a business. This is more of a long term relationship. A book that covers this in part is Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It.
  4. I’m partnering with a nurse to write a book on how positive emotions affect healing. She has the credential and is a continuing education vendor, and I have the research. How can you partner with someone who is a member of an industry you’d like to reach?
  5. An administrative assistant and a bookkeeper paired up to bid on a project neither could handle alone. It was to perform the back office management of a professional association. What service is complementary to yours that would expand your offerings to your clients?
  6. A writer and a website designer paired up to bid on a project for a nonprofit association web site. What skills can you gain from a partner that will make your offering more complete?

Partnerships are a great way to generate additional revenue streams. What ideas do you have for new projects with new partners to boost your revenues?