Five Ways to Earn a Steady Stream of Revenue All Year Long

Perhaps you’ve just come off a great tax season. Your bank account is healthy – the fattest it will be all year.  How can you continue your revenue momentum? Here are five ideas that will help you increase your revenue while serving your clients well.

  1. Serve your current clients in new ways

Make a spreadsheet that lists your current clients in rows and your current services in columns.  For example, tax prep, tax planning, bookkeeping, payroll, and advisory services might make up your column headings. Drop your current revenue in the appropriate cells.  The blank cells are your revenue opportunities with current clients.

  1. Move from proactive to reactive

Do you have a marketing plan?  Most accountants don’t value this exercise even though it could save them thousands of dollars in mistakes spent on the wrong marketing methods, marketing to the wrong people, sending the wrong message, or over-marketing.  With a plan, you can discover the most cost-effective marketing options to meet your revenue goals.

  1. Build your marketing and selling skills

Most clients who come to me for marketing help want more high-quality monthly accounting clients so they can earn more revenue per client and smooth their revenue year-round. These accounts take a little longer to acquire and cost a bit more to attract, but the reward is higher.  Building up your skills will help you go after higher quality clients so you can earn more.

  1. Modernize your methods

Digital marketing or online marketing is still very new to most accounting firms and therefore untapped.  These skills, techniques, and platforms change frequently, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.  Once you’ve learned them, implementation is simply a numbers game.

  1. Send the right message at the client’s right time

It’s all in the timing. Plan your messages for the year based on when your client has needs.  For example, talk about tax during January through April and again in September and October for the procrastinators. Talk about payroll in November so you can make a clean year-end switch.  Keep your marketing messages tied to when it’s the best time for the client, and your marketing dollars will be better spent.

Try these five ideas to boost your year-round revenue.