11 Sources of Wealth We Can Celebrate

We all have far more sources of wealth available to us in addition to the assets we normally count as financial wealth.   A great skill to add to our tool box is that of resourcefulness.  Learning and practicing being resourceful has always come in handy for me while traveling, working, and making changes in my life.

As you go through the list, take an inventory and make a list of all of the resources you have available to you in one form or fashion.  By the end of the article, you might be amazed at how wealthy you really are.

  • Your financial wealth is measured in currency.  This includes cash, all bank accounts, retirement accounts, annuities, stocks, bonds, commodities, and other market investments.
  • Your property wealth includes real estate and personal property such as furniture, dishes, clothes, jewelry, and a car.
  • Your wealth of abilities, experience, education, and skills provides you with a livelihood and is what you can trade others for other categories of wealth.
  • Your social wealth includes the friends you have and the financial wealth, property wealth, and abilities they are willing to share with you.
  • Your organizational wealth includes any companies you own and run and/or that you are an employee of.
  • Your community wealth includes the value you have accumulated within the groups of people that you frequent and services you qualify for from nonprofits.
  • Your civic wealth includes services you qualify for as a citizen, such as police protection, fire department.
  • Your family wealth includes the family you have and the financial wealth, property wealth, and abilities they are willing to share with you.
  • Your spiritual wealth includes your faith and your actions to support the divine.
  • Your emotional wealth includes your ability to feel and act out of love, sharing, and unity.
  • Your physical wealth includes the state of your body and how you nourish and support it.

Do you feel richer already, just seeing the multiple categories that you can draw wealth from?  There is an abundance of sources that are ready to support your wealth.  And if you felt that you would like to strengthen any of the areas above, then you can now make plans to do just that.