Our Catalog of Speaking/Training Sessions

We offer a variety of training and conference sessions on marketing and practice management topics. Our in-house classes and workshops are right for mid-sized and larger firms who want to bring in an outside trainer for CPE. Conference sessions and keynotes are available for meeting planners and conference hosts. Please contact us at 408-550-4325 to find out more.
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In Person Classes and Workshops

Conference Sessions

Each of the above classes can be shortened into a 1- to 2-hour conference session. In addition, we have the following topics for your consideration.


Session Descriptions

JumpStart Your Accounting Business is a 4- to 8-hour fast-paced, high-energy course designed to share grassroots marketing basics for solos and partners with books of business under $1 million per year. The goal of this course is to get clients coming in the door and the cash flowing fast. We cover:

  • The best, highest-ROI ways to get your practiced filled with clients
  • Getting paid– how to set your price and get what you’re worth from your clients
  • The most common costly mistakesto avoid, distractions to eliminate and money NOT to spend when you practice isn’t full
  • Setting up your client onboarding process– the forms and contracts you need to look like the pro you are
  • Creating a complete marketing plan – taking the guesswork out of making your revenue numberswithout tanking your margins
  • Productive tech toolsto save time so you can serve clients better
  • Establishing your online presence
  • How to answer tough pricing questionswhen a prospect challenges you
  • How to set yourself apart from the competitionfor long term success
  • Your questions answered


Marketing Accelerated for Accountants is a 3- to 8-hour workshop designed to take participants through the basics of professional services marketing for accountants.  Participants will walk away with increased marketing skills, a full one-year marketing plan and budget, and a list of marketing materials that they’ll need to develop to execute their plan.  We cover:

  • The ten best methodsto find accounting clients, in order of effectiveness.
  • Counter-intuitive marketingideas that work
  • How to create a marketing plan, along with two other plans you didn’t know you needed!
  • How to move from waiting for clients to come to you to proactively attracting ideal clients
  • Step-by-stepwhat to do to make your marketing more effective, even if you’ve been around for a while
  • And much more

Practice Management Accelerated for Accountants is a 3-hour course where we share our top tips on boosting your internal profit margins and helping you maximize your time. The wealthiest business owners have every task in their companies documented, organized, systematized, and optimized. Do you? This is one of those sessions you may not want, but that you need (trust us), and we’ll show you how to make it as painless as possible.After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • List at least three benefits of creating procedures
  • Name two examples of how a process can be improved once it’s documented
  • Identify the components of a well-written procedure
  • List three checklists you can begin to develop for your business
  • Name the one technique you can do over and over again to win the time wars
  • List two ideas about where to look for productivity improvements

Proposals Accelerated for Accountants is a 4- to 6-hour course designed to build selling and negotiating skills along with developing a winning proposal document that will wow clients. We’ll spend time in the workshop sharing the perfect proposal for your business that will sell “you” the best.  We’ll also spend significant time on value-based diagnostics, asking the right questions and sharing how to communicate your value.

We’ll cover:

  • Why you are giving too much away and several strategies to stop it
  • The six steps of project management and how you can use them to charge more
  • Value-based questions you can ask your clients to learn more
  • Exactly how to create a shell proposal to save time, plus we will give you several samples to get started fast
  • How to communicate your value to clients

You’ll leave with a beautiful proposal that you can re-use over and over again, a huge item checked off your to-do list, and a better understanding of how to use proposals to significantly improve your business results.

Social Media Accelerated for Accountants is a 2- to 8-hour workshop where participants will build their social media presence right in class.  We’ll start on a tune-up of LinkedIn profiles, then we’ll knock out the basics of Twitter, Facebook (including privacy), Google Plus, and YouTube. We’ll spend an hour on video production and its impact on search engine placement, and we’ll give an overview of up-and-coming social media apps along with best practices for thought leadership.

We’ll cover:

  • Best-practice in profile development for LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter
  • An in-depth session on video and why it’s so important
  • Up and coming social media apps
  • Best-practice ideas and examples in the accounting profession thought leadership using social media

Revenue Revolution: 10 Simple Strategies to Serve More Clients and Boost Your Business

In this one-hour session, you’ll discover some new ways to attract clients, create new revenue streams, and grow your business. You will learn:

  • 5 marketing mistakes to stop doing that are costing you profits
  • How you may be leaving 60% of your potential revenues on the table and worse, working harder and longer hours than you need to
  • 5 simple strategies to grow your business, reclaim the revenue you might be leaving on the table, and keep the clients you have

Don’t miss this chance to discover refreshing new solutions to boost your accounting or QuickBooks consulting business.

22 Ways to Find New Clients and Boost Your Business Revenue

Are you looking for new clients in all the wrong places? This one-hour session will give you some new ideas on where to look for clients that will be ideal for you. You’ll gain some insight as to which of these 22 places are cost-efficient and which are more expensive so you can become more proactive at planning your marketing strategies. Find out:

  • Which marketing method you are likely using that is costing you too much money and time
  • The least cost ways to find clients and how to maximize your client numbers and minimize your marketing dollars
  • Which marketing methods you can close clients with right away and which ones take more time
  • What skills you need to implement each marketing method and why they are crucial to your success

10 Surefire Ways to JumpStart Your Accounting Business

Are you ready to start your accounting business?  Are you looking to make partner and want to start sharpening your marketing skills?  Are you already a partner or solo firm owner but not a natural at rainmaking?  In this one-hour session, you’ll learn:

  • 2 ways to save a huge amount of money when your practice is not full of clients
  • 3 things you need to do in your accounting business so you can avoid big mistakes and lost clients down the road
  • 1 activity to avoid (that most people do out of insecurity and it slows them down)
  • 3 things you need to put in place so that you’ll look extra professional compared to your competitors
  • 1 place to find out more about how to increase your success and reduce your mistakes when you’re attracting new clients to fill your practice

RPM: Three Steps to Extraordinary Achievement in the Workplace
Every one of your employees has it in them to become extraordinary. I really mean it. You can give your employees goals and tools, but this doesn’t guarantee achievement. If you really want to cut through to what makes a difference, you have to break habits, rewrite routines, change attitudes, and shake things up. To do this, you need someone who has experienced extreme change in high-stake circumstances over and over again.

Learn from aviatrix, explorer, and scientist Sandi Leyva what it takes to soar above your competition in the marketplace and in your workplace while improving your quality of life. You’ll find out how to blend the right amount of risk, passion, and mastery (RPM) to lead an extraordinary life.

  • Discover a new perspective on risk-taking, fear, and courage that will take your performance to a new level.
  • Find out how to perfect passion in your work as if each day was new and fresh regardless of how many actual years you’ve been doing it.
  • Learn a simple method for mastering anything, no matter what your IQ, personality, or natural tendencies are.

“What a great story – you kept me “glued” to your every word. The lesson you tied to RPM will help me to remember the lessons of life. I wish you had had more time. I will be looking forward to your next adventure.” – Joci James, About Choice Coaching

This program is delivered in keynote or customized workshop format and is ideal for accounting professionals, sales teams, executives, entrepreneurs, association members, and employees who want to achieve at a higher level.

To reserve a date or inquire about any of these programs, please call us at 408-550-4325 or email us at support@sandismith.com.