15 Super-Easy Ways to Accelerate Your Accounting Practice

Were you on the webinar today?  I hope you enjoyed 15 Super-Easy Ways to Accelerate Your Practice and got some good ideas you can implement right away.

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Many of you asked about the PowerPoint, and here’s the link to access it right here:


If you weren’t on the webinar, you’re in luck because you can get the recording right here:


You may need to convert this file, which was recorded from GoToWebinar:  If you get an error when trying to play the WMV files that says “Windows Media Player could not play this file because the CODEC is not installed,” then here is the fix:  Install the GoToMeeting Codec


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To your success,
Sandi Smith Leyva

P.S. Stay tuned for one more email to show you how to get your CPE certificate for today.