5 Ways to Find Your Focus for Summer Success

With so much to do as business owners, we can get pretty overwhelmed at times.  We can start believing that we have a “time” problem, but since all of us have 24/7, there really is no such thing as a time problem.

What you might have is a “focus” problem.  Here are five ideas to find your focus so that you can actually get something done this summer that you’ll benefit from.

1. Find your pain
Stop and take a look around at what’s causing you the most stress, and make a plan to fix it.  If you have more than one stress point, that’s ok.  Just pick the one that’s the most stressful and stick with it until it’s complete.

Once you complete it, you can ask the same question over and over again until you begin to feel some sense of relief.

2. “Betcha can’t eat just one.”
I used to work at Frito-Lay, where the Lay’s potato chip slogan was “Betcha can’t eat just one.”  The actors in the commercials dared us to resist their chips and eat just one.

I am recommending you do just that with your projects.  Just choose one and focus on it, and “eat it,” or get it done.  It’s hard, I know.  The other projects are all calling to us to get them done too.

If you need to, make a list and put your projects in order, and complete them in order too.  You will get more done that way.

Even if you only get one project done this summer, congratulate yourself.  It’s enough.

3. Find your dream.
My favorite way to achieve a productive summer is to look at where you want to be in the fall.   What do you want to have done by September?  It could be something big, like a system upgrade, a new hire, a new certification, or a new service.  Whatever it is, go for your dream with the future in focus.

4. Work your plan.
If you already have a plan that you are working toward, then remember where you left off and get back on track.  You may be reinventing the wheel by refocusing when you are already focused but you forgot because you got sidetracked!  (Don’t laugh; this happens to me all the time!)

Just dust your plan off and pick up where you left off.

5. Lighten up.
After all, it is summer.  The weather is good.  There are lots of distractions.  If you have rocked your business the last few months or years, the biggest thing you may need is a rest.

It’s OK to plan to do nothing.   But don’t expect to get very far in your business while you are resting, and don’t stress about not getting far because that sort of defeats the purpose.  Do give yourself permission to relax.  Also give yourself a deadline to get back to work.

Try these five ideas to find your focus for summer.