A Beautiful Mind for Business

The single-most important factor for success lies right under your hat, in your brain. Your ability to control and shape your mind into a success engine lies solely with you, and no one else. There are three areas to master at the foundational level in order for you to achieve breakthrough success. Master these along with your hard business skills like accounting, marketing, and customer service, and you’ll be poised to make it to the six-figure level in your business.


Mastering change is very difficult for many of us. When we can become more adaptable and flexible, then our success becomes more reachable. An example of this is believing too much in the fate of genetics. We may have a belief in our heads that our personality is fixed and was inherited from our father and mother. From there, we can stay stuck, believing that we can’t change ourselves.

Luckily, genetics are not the last word in our abilities to change. Neuroscience shows us that the environment that we wrap ourselves in – including the friends we hang out with, the activities we spend time on, and the thoughts in our head – controls who we become. This is not only critical for ourselves but comes into play when we hire employees and contractors to join our team. One employee with a fixed mindset will not adapt well with a team full of change-loving individuals.

Learn to embrace change yourself and seek others who do as well. A key point to remember when change is hard is that change is just another form of learning, and we can all do that.


An entrepreneur with a positive and determined outlook will outperform someone who is negative any day. Controlling that inner voice of self-doubt can be tricky, but it’s essential. That criticizing, small inner voice that is trying to keep you safe needs to be replaced with a powerful, determined, winning mantra that you can listen to over and over again to give yourself strength. Moving your inner voice from negative thoughts to positive thoughts is only one example of the many ways to recharge your brain for success.


Mastering decision-making is a critical component of running a business, since we make hundreds of tiny and huge decisions every day about our practices.

The successful entrepreneur has a beautiful balance between the logical, thinking side of their brain and the emotional, feeling side. When these two sides of your brain are in balance, you make better, smarter decisions for you and your business. If you are too emotional, you can end up making decisions out of fear or that are irrational. If you are too logical, you can end up with decisions that don’t bring you what you want.

What do you feel is important for mental mastery when you are growing your business?