Anchor 2012 with a Theme

It’s 2012, and according to all of the experts, we’re in for a wild ride this year.  With predictions of the end of the world, political egos running wild, and a couple of dictators still in power who aren’t right in the head, 2012 may just be the year to declare a theme to help you stand by the goals you have for your business.

Deciding on a theme for the year will give you a focus and a new perspective on your work and your routines.   It can be highly rejuvenating to look at things through the lens of your new theme.

Ideas for themes are limited only by your imagination.  Some possible themes include:

  • Abstract themes, such as abundance, creativity, or diversity. At the risk of sounding a little fluffy, an esoteric theme might be just what you need in 2012.  A theme with abundance will allow you to think big, be abundantly generous with others, and search for large contracts.   A theme with diversity will challenge you to be more open-minded.  I’ve been doing a lot of work lately in the area of forgiveness.  You may also want to consider gratitude or humility or service. 
  • Relationships. Your year might be dedicated to meeting new associates and building business relationships.  Your action item might be to spend more time networking, participating in groups, and going to accounting conferences or meetings.
  • A new service. Perhaps you’re launching a new service, such as financial services for the elderly, and need to focus on developing this new line of business. 
  • Giving back. On a personal note, you might value volunteering and decide to organize your year around a couple of volunteer opportunities.  
  • Growth. You might want to consider a growth-related theme, such as productivity or profitability.  You might also want to develop a new skill such as learning a new language, developing your people or communication skills, or taking a philosophy class at your local junior college. 
  • Exploring. If you’ve retired or the business is starting to run smoothly without your day-to-day input, it might be time for that trip around the world.
  • Organizing, detoxing, or cleansing. Consider cleaning out your garage (or your office), upgrading your systems, re-designing your filing system, auditing your own books, going on a cleanse or a vacation to an ashram, or another project that will leave you feeling clutter- and worry-free.

As you choose you goals for 2012, make sure the majority of them support your theme for the year.  Themes can bring an overarching focus to our practices and our lives.

My theme for the year is “higher self.”  My challenge for myself in 2012 is to be my best self always in everything I do, say, and feel.

What’s your theme?  I’d love for you to share yours on my blog or on my Facebook page here