The Best Investments I’ve Made

Thanks to CNN, you can now find news channels that cover the stock market all day long. There’senough advice out there on how to invest, so why do I want to cover this topic? Because you won’t find my investment suggestions on any financial news network.

The best investments I’ve made have not been in true blues like GE or red hot Silicon Valley start ups like Red Hat. They haven’t been in bonds or real estate either. They’ve been in me, and they’ve been in my business. The same is likely true for you.

With your own business, you have the potential to generate far more return than anything else you’ve ever invested in.

You have far more control over the outcome than you do with stocks when you have to depend on a fund manager or an overpaid corporate CEO for your nest egg.

The news is catching on. Not the stock market channel but the entrepreneur channel. Entrepreneurs are starting businesses in record numbers. With all of the layoffs, people have an opportunity to reflect, remember their passion and talents, and take back control of their lives.

I continue to learn and grow as I invest more and more in myself. One of the best ways to do that is by hiring a coach who has taken her business farther than you have. Just seeing how someone else does it is priceless. And what most people don’t understand is the money you pay the coach is an investment in you, not the coach.

The bigger the price tag, the bigger your business growth: this is because it uplevels how big you play.

I started investing in my health the same way this year, by getting into a VIP program with a coach. I have more energy, am finally getting leaner, and love what I am eating. Sometimes I just need to give myself permission, and put my health first.

When you do the same, whether it’s business or personal, you’re likely to get an amazing return on your investment. It’s all about getting a hand up from successful women who are ready and willing to share their expertise. You get to take a quantum leap instead of baby steps to success.

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