Are You Brave Enough to Seize the Opportunity?

Here’s the scenario:  You are a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and you are interested in growing your business.  You, along with hundreds of other people, just heard Brad Smith, the president of Intuit, Inc. give a keynote speech and you are in the audience.

After the speech is over, you and everyone else in the audience file out of the room and into the exhibit hall, where Intuit has an exhibit.  You see Brad Smith talking with people near Intuit’s exhibit, and you know he won’t be around all night.

There is not a line to see Brad.  There is not a crowd around Brad.  After all, Brad Smith is the PRESIDENT of one of the most successful companies in the US, and it’s pretty intimidating to go up to him.

Then you see your coach (me), and you know I asked you to get your picture with the highest ranking person you dare to go up to.

What do you do?  Do you seize the opportunity, or do you choke?

That’s the scenario and the opportunity that every single Accelerator had at the Solutions 13 conference in Las Vegas earlier this week.    And it’s the one Kathy McGill of Petaluma, CA seized.

Brad was just as gracious as he could be.  I had my iPhone ready and asked him if he would do us the honor of being in a picture with Kathy.  And then I snapped it as fast as I could.  Brad asked us to tag him on Facebook so he could share it too.  And then Kathy asked Brad a question and talked with him a little bit.

Why is this picture so important?

For one, it’s a great memory of a once in a lifetime opportunity.  More importantly, it’s a wonderful addition to your marketing materials.

It lets your future clients know that you know your way around Intuit, and that you care about furthering your education and skills on the Intuit products.

The conversation Kathy had with Brad will be a wonderful cocktail story.  The picture will be a wonderful tool for her business.

If you have pictures with accounting software leaders, post them on our Facebook page.  I’d love to see them.

And next time you’re at a conference, keep your camera ready and your courage high.