How to Get Your Clients to Follow Your Advice

I first heard the term “consumption marketing” from Bret Ridgeway of Speaker Fulfillment Services.  He’s the guy who does my product warehousing; he helps me sends all of our clients the binders and CDs that they order.  I don’t know if he coined the term, but I remember falling in love with the concept.

Consumption marketing is continuing to market to clients even after they’ve signed to do business with you.  It’s helping them to more fully “consume” your product or service.

Consumption marketing is good for business because:

  •  It increases client retention.
  • It increases revenue per client.
  • It increases clients’ satisfaction rates.
  • It improves the results clients gain from your services and products.
  • It minimizes returns and billing disputes.
  • It gives you great testimonials and case studies, which increases lead generation and sales conversion to future prospects.
  • It allows you to see exactly where clients need more help so you can develop additional revenue opportunities.

Here are five ways you can use consumption marketing in your business:

  1.  Create constant, scheduled communications with your clients.  This can be in the form of a newsletter, weekly status report, or coaching call.
  2. If you offer product, include a “fast start guide.” This is common in the software and hardware industry and makes sense for service industries too.  In fact, you may have an entire “onboarding” process for clients, which is a good example of consumption marketing.  Another way you can encourage the client to jump in at the beginning is through product demonstrations or initial training sessions.
  3. Offer a contest.  We just announced our “Incredible Implementor” award within our Accountant’s Accelerator program.  This makes it fun for members to compete for cool prizes and encourages consumption and implementation of the ideas in the program.  It also generates spectacular results-based testimonials that clients might otherwise not have worked so hard to produce.
  4. Write up other clients’ results and posting them via social media, case studies, or newsletter feature “Client of the Month.”
  5. Set up frequent project milestones where you gain your client’s approval and get them motivation and ready for the next phase in the project.  Take a 30,000 foot view of the client’s business, perhaps quarterly, and discuss past progress and future goals.

Try out the concept of consumption marketing in your business so you and your clients can gain from the many benefits it brings.