Eight Energy-Boosting Tips for Bursting Through Busy Season

Busy season is a great time to focus on your energy and do everything you can to pace yourself so you can avoid burnout and serve your clients well.  Here are eight quick tips to help you do just that:

1. First Things First

First thing every morning, without checking your email, do the task that is worrying you the most or that you’ll feel the most sense of accomplishment from.  Stick to this routine at least three days a week, and you’ll be happier and get more done than ever before.    You’ll be surprised at how lighter you’ll feel.

2. Something in the Water

I know it’s boring to hear, but drinking lots of water every day will help you eat less, stay healthier, and feel better.  It even reduces headache frequency for some people.

Bonus tip: Add a packet of Emergen-C®, available at your favorite drug store, health food store, or grocery store, to your water, and feel your energy explode.

3. Trim Tensions

When you’re running short of time, there can be plenty to be frustrated about.  A client who misses a deadline, software that does not cooperate, or an employee who makes a big mistake can tip your stress levels.   Your health is the main thing that suffers, and most of the time, it’s not worth it.  Here are several easy things to do so your body can recover as quickly as possible:

  • Breathe three yogic-like deep breaths while thinking of your grandchild or your favorite baby.
  • Take a walk.  You can’t stay mad while walking.
  • Remember the big picture.  If no one dies, it’s going to be okay.  Luckily, no one dies from accounting services.
  • Download your favorite comedy movie for when you get off work and look forward to the relief.
  • For the men (and maybe the women too), have a regular relief valve such as a gym workout.
  • Look at nature a lot.  If your office does not have a view, bring a plant in your office.   It really does strengthen your immune system.
  • Learn to reframe any negative thoughts into positive ones.  It’s not about becoming Pollyanna; this is actually a skillset called resilience that you can learn.

4. Self-Care Splurge

Once you’ve accomplished a big milestone like the March 15 corporate deadline, give yourself a quick reward.  It could be a movie, a spa treat, or a few extra hours of sleep.  Stop long enough to enjoy something that takes you away from work.

5. You Are What You Eat

When you eat healthfully, you won’t feel so tired at the end of the day.  Here are a couple not-too-painful changes that have made a huge impact on my energy.

  • Replace chips and candy bars with fresh organic fruits and nuts
  • Replace soft drinks with herbal tea or water with lemon
  • Replace breakfast pastries with healthy breakfast proteins such as eggs or ham

One more tip: change the variety of what you eat on a regular basis.  Add new vegetables and fruits to your diet on a regular basis so you don’t get into a food rut.  This will strengthen your immune system, reduce food sensitivities, and provide you with more of a chance to get the wide range of nutrients you need.

6. Get Social

Enjoying time with your family, friends, and people you love actually improves your health, well-being, and disposition.  Make time a few evenings a week to come home early to rejuvenate with loved ones.

7. Move

If you don’t have time for a full workout, stop and do a few jumping jacks or stretches in your office.   You can also do a few runs up and down the stairs if you have stairs in your office.

We have a few free weights, a yoga mat, a stretchy jump rope thing (that’s a technical term), a treadmill, and the compact X-iser® in my offices; however, you don’t really need equipment (so don’t let that be an excuse).

8. Remember Your Why

Why do you do what you do?  It might be to provide a great future for you and your family.  It might also be to help your clients achieve greater wealth.  Whatever the reason, remember it often.  It is as good a fuel as food, sleep, and love to propel you through busy season.