How I Filled My Coaching Practice In 3 Weeks

Most people will tell you that coaching is a face-to-face sale. A client needs to know who the coach is and build their trust in the coach before a good business relationship can be formed. Most coaches sell to one client at a time and work with one client at a time. I like to do things a bit differently. I love the word “leverage.”

In July, I announced that I would be having a free call titled “20 tips to work less, play more, and surge your summer business income.” It was designed for people who felt like they were struggling a bit and felt like they should be doing better. I announced this in my weekly newsletter, in my social media pages, and to anyone who would listen at local network events. 125 people signed up.

I held the call and delivered valuable content that was free of charge and not salesy. At the end, I discussed my coaching program. I also offered a free coaching session to anyone who would fill out my VIP coaching application, and many filled out the form. I conducted my free coaching sessions, and just about everyone signed up to continue with me for paid coaching. And it was as easy as that. My practice is full, and there is now a wait list for coaching with me.

More importantly, I’m thrilled at the high quality of individuals who are coaching with me and I am tickled pink at their results and dedication to their “assignments.”

Instead of having to have 125 sales conversations, I had one, demonstrating my value at the same time. The listeners self-selected themselves into the cream of the crop: the ones who filled out the application. How many times, as sales people, do we wonder who to pursue as far as serious leads? The call to action from the free call took all of that ambiguity away.

My sales page is still selling 3 months later. Just a few days ago, I had another form come in, and someone told me they listened to the recording. You can see the sales page and listen to the call here:

Let us know how we can help you quantum-leap your business. There’s still time in 2010 to close it with a bang.