Six Great Online Places to Find Talent

When you need to expand your team, the good news is there are many options available today:

  • Full time vs. part-time
  • Your location or theirs
  • Contract or employee
  • Permanent or temporary
  • Project-specific or recurring
  • And many more options

Thousands of people are looking for work, and thousands more are looking for small tasks that they can do on the side.  To find the perfect person for you, here’s a list of sites that help match you to the perfect person for your task, project, or job.


You would be surprised at what people will do for $5 on  That’s’ the theme of the site, and five dollars is what you will pay for any task listed on this site.


If you have work to do around the house, like errands, cooking, cleaning, repairs, and shopping, then TaskRabbit is a great place to look for people to help you.    It’s in only about a dozen cities, so check to see if it’s rolled out to your city yet.


Good old Elance has been around for quite a while.  Find writers, programmers, IT gurus, admin help, consultants, and more on Elance.  Elance is great if you have a specialized skill.  I have used it successfully to find people who knew a particular program or platform.


I haven’t used oDesk, but a few of my customer love it.  Find professional with a variety of skills, including marketing and graphics, accounting and bookkeeping, and more.

Crowdspring and 99 Designs

Two heads are better than one when it comes to graphics work.  I talked about crowdsourcing in a recent blog post, and these two sites have people compete for your project by submitting their designs.  When you need a logo, flyers, or other artwork done, consider these sites.

Your Local University

Almost all universities have a job board where their students can go to look for job openings.  If there’s a university in your city and your job can be done by a student, give their job board a try.  Check out the one I’ve used at San Jose State University:

Try these places to find the perfect addition to your support team.