How important are hiring skills to growing your business?

Mary Kay Ash, the cosmetics queen is credited for saying “People are definitely a company’s greatest asset.” I believe many executives and entrepreneurs would agree. But how much time and money have we spent as entrepreneurs on making bad hiring decisions? I’m sure you’ve heard some whoppers of failure stories just like I have. I’ve had a few failures of my own in this area over the years.

Have you ever held on too long to an employee that was underperforming, hoping that s/he would turn it around, and wishing you never hired them in the first place?

Or have you, like me, had an employee quit via email and wonder how you hired such a person? Sheesh!

Or have you, like me, put off hiring someone because you couldn’t stand the thought of wading through stacks of resumes or even writing an ad?

Employees can make or break our business, and to me, the critical success point is HIRING the right ones in the first place. We want to avoid turnover, keep from bringing in someone mediocre, and get loyal stars on board our team so that our company prospers. But the question of HOW to do this over and over again without disrupting our business flow can be a mystery.

The way I look at it, a business owner with exceptional hiring skills will be able to build a stellar team and in turn and outstanding business. A business owner with no hiring skills, and worse, no process, will suffer from high turnover, flaky staff, and low productivity.

So, I have a couple of questions for you:

  1. How important do you think hiring skills are to growing your business?
  2. What are some specific scenarios where better hiring skills would be helpful when adding a new team member?

Post your comments below and you WILL be rewarded. Here’s why…

In August I plan on holding a LIVE teleseminar with hiring diva and serial entrepreneur Kiyla Fenell. Kiyla has hired and inspired hundreds of employees in her million dollar businesses spanning seven industries. Her interesting entrepreneurial story starts at age 17, includes once hiring someone on America’s Most Wanted list, and goes on to build teams that have won awards and broken sales records.

She has developed the most unique hiring system I have ever seen that cuts out the resume stack, saves hiring time by up to 90 percent, and hires stars every time. Before Kiyla gets hired by every HR department in the country to revamp their processes (which I am positive will happen – I know a star when I see one), I want to introduce her to all my readers. This session will be free of charge, BUT I do need some input into what topics you would like Kiyla to cover during this call. Could you help me by posting your comments?