How Are You at Implementing Changes in Your Business?

A long time ago, a participant in one of my live CPE classes passed a note to me that said, “The only people who like change are babies.”  I believe everyone will agree that change is not easy until you develop a skill to embrace it.   Here are five quick questions for your consideration:

1. How open-minded are you?

Being skeptical can slow change.  As our trust of each other declines (and it has declined significantly in the last five years), some of us have gotten so skeptical that we’re unwilling to try anything, even as the world changes around us.

Take an objective look at how skeptical you are of new things, and decide if you need to make any adjustments.  An open mind willing to learn and admit that they don’t know everything will succeed in this first step of change and implementation.

2. How much time do you have?   

It’s easy to make the excuse about not having time, but there is no such thing as a time problem.  It’s only a prioritization problem or a delegation problem.  We all have 24/7, and some of us are living the life of our dreams while others are constantly complaining about their circumstances.

Carve out at least one hour a week to implement changes in your business and take control, no matter what your “circumstances” are.

3. How can you reduce your risk?

Our subconscious is always telling us how risky change is.  Those thoughts in our heads that keep us small are there to keep us safe and have some measure of truth to them.  But we have to fight the thoughts in our heads in order to make any progress.

To appease your subconscious, take baby steps when making changes to reduce your risk.  If you make a price change, do it on one client first.  If you roll out a new tool, test it thoroughly first.  If you feel like you need some new skills, invest in yourself and sign up for the class.

4. How can you reward yourself?

When you make progress, celebrate.  This will help to reinforce in your brain that change is good.

5. How open to feedback are you?

Not everything we try works out perfectly.  That’s when we need to be open to taking feedback and making corrections.  It can be hard on the ego to take feedback, but the person who learns how to be receptive will reap the benefits.

Ask yourself these five questions to discover where you can clear any blocks to implementing all the good ideas you come across in your business.