Meet a Millionaire Team Player

I don’t know about you, but I listen closely when Kiyla Fenell has something to say. She’s already had not one, not two, but THREE 7-figure businesses in the medical field (plus a few 6-figures businesses), and she’s quite young (she has a 4-year-old daughter). She’s a million-dollar business-making machine, and she knows she can replicate her success over and over again any time she wants to.

“I’m not nervous at starting a business. I know I can follow the plan,” says Kiyla.

Kiyla has a healthy respect for plans and systems. She was exposed to entrepreneurship as a teen working in her father’s franchises. One was a Subway, and Kiyla can still recount how many ounces of lettuce and onion to put on each sandwich and how to fold the napkins around the sandwich.

She took what she learned about systems and designed them in her own businesses. She wrote a script for a sales call in one business. “I knew I would sell one of four.” Much of business, and especially sales “is a numbers game,” says Kiyla. “I knew how many leads I needed to get every day to make my revenue goals. Then you just execute.”

It wasn’t always easy or comfortable. Kiyla remembers women screaming at her to “Get a real job” when she went door to door for one business.

But that is one of Kiyla’s biggest success tips. “I made good business decisions even when I didn’t want to.” If an employee is dragging the entire team down and the holidays are approaching, Kiyla didn’t wait until after the holidays. Once she discovered what was best for the business, she did it immediately. She didn’t worry about what other people would think.

“If I had no outside factors applied to the decision, what decision would I make,” Kiyla explained. “You have to stop traveling down the wrong road and correct it quickly. The net effect is you move ahead rapidly.”

Kiyla was making cold calls – those things we dread as adults – when she was 16. Her bed was her desk. She would call big companies to ask if she could deliver Subway sandwiches to them for lunch. At the ripe old age of 20, she was demonstrating vacuum cleaners door to door. But she admits she hated selling M&M boxes in middle school.

When Kiyla was very young, an elderly man, Paul McIntyre, sat her down and said, “I’m going to teach you how to build an empire.” Kiyla had the good sense to listen to Mr. McIntyre as well as several other “amazing mentors.” As a teen, she just knew that she “was going to do something big with my life,” recounts Kiyla.

Here are a few other tidbits of success for those of you who strive to accomplish 6- and 7-figure success in your business:

  1. Develop good discipline, good habits, and stick with your values.
  2. Treat staff and patients (customers) fairly and honestly.
  3. Don’t feel like you have to win at anyone else’s expense.
  4. Reward those who help you.
  5. Work in your strong areas, not your weak areas. Study up in your weak areas. By the time you become a millionaire, you won’t have any weak areas.
  6. Live a little below your means while you are building your business.
  7. Go for long-term success and make decisions that support that. Do not go for flash success.
  8. Help your staff be successful.
  9. Play the same game over and over again to be successful – with systems, habits, and discipline.
  10. Develop immunity to fads, gimmicks, and impulse purchases.

Kiyla’s current project is helping people streamline their staffing and hire their dream team in 3 days. And, of course, she has a system for that.

Check her and her system out here, and know that since Kiyla and I were in the same Mastermind group last year, that I have an affiliate relationship with her. (Since I am a CPA, that entitles you to give me a call and consult with me should you want further advice about purchasing any of her products.)