Beyond QuickBooks Consulting

Many of my readers are QuickBooks ProAdvisors who offer QuickBooks consulting to their clients; you may be one of them.  Here are the opportunities I see to expand your client services in the area of QuickBooks consulting, or for that matter, any accounting software consulting.

Accounting Software Solutions Experts

It starts out as a call from a prospect or client:  “I need my QuickBooks set up.”   (And those are the smart ones – who will take the time to get it set up right from the beginning!)

The problem with this is it’s likely that the client simply bought QuickBooks off the shelf with no regard for whether it’s the right QuickBooks product or even the right software product for the type of business they run.

When a client is on the wrong software, it can cost then thousands of dollars per year in lost productivity, lost sales, higher inventory costs, and higher staffing costs.

As accountants who consult on accounting software, we need the skill of showing our client the value of a software selection analysis.  This includes our developing a service around the requirements analysis that is cost-effective for both parties.  A great checklist of questions about what the client needs the software to do is the first step.

With the proliferation of low-cost accounting services such as Xero, Wave, and Kashoo as well as high-end solutions such as Intacct and NetSuite, there are many choices out there these days.  We can help our clients select the right accounting software for their business.

Masters of Information

Small business owners are “what-if” masters.  Accountants are information masters.  It’s a match made in heaven and an often overlooked revenue opportunity.  When we can get good at understanding what the business owner would love to have, we can pull it out of the accounting system into reports that will dazzle and delight our clients.

Puzzle Solvers

Something I hear frequently is that many of you – most of you — love to troubleshoot and solve problems.  We can use this talent to help the business owner with troubleshooting, process improvements, customizing software, and in many other areas.    What we need to get better at is pointing out how much we’re saving our clients when we give them the puzzle pieces and tell them where they fit.

 Bridge Builders

Having someone local to contact when there is a software problem saves the client from having to contact a large company, get a new rep each time, and make their way through the phone tree and hold times.   In this way, we can offer an alternative to customer support for their software and bookkeeping questions.

Technology Experts

Accounting software is never an island.  It needs to interface with operations, shipping, time and billing, customer relations, and marketing, to name a few.  Those of us that have experience with enhancing accounting software through add-ons, integrated applications, and other solutions provide a valuable service beyond QuickBooks consulting.

The $20,000 Keystroke

I love telling the story of how I learned to do cool things in Word with the Style feature, saving me about $20,000 in the year 2000 when I first discovered it.  I have since written dozens of books using that same feature I learned.   Offering training and sharing the value of what it can bring a small business is another way we can extend our QuickBooks services and tremendously benefit our clients’ conditions.

Beyond QuickBooks Consulting

I hope this gives you some ideas about how you can not only go beyond QuickBooks consulting, but also have the client see the true value of what you do for them.  I’d love to hear what you think – you can post your ideas and comments on our blog.