The Secrets to Business Success that Women Business Owners Can Teach the Rest of Us

biz womenWhich business leader do you think gets more out of their employees, men or women? If you guessed women, you’re right. Women possess natural relationship skills that help them build loyalty, foster productivity, and spark motivation.

According to a study by The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute as reported in FoxBusiness, women’s skills provide:

  1. More focus on customers
  2. More opportunities for others
  3. More community involvement

Women’s increased attention to customers allows them to create a stronger, more loyal customer base. Their employees feel more passion and are in turn more productive as women create more opportunities for them and others around the business. Women also involve the community more, building an interdependent network of supportive relationships.

Interestingly, science backs up these study conclusions. Women have more ability to decode the facial expressions of others than men do, which gives them a head start in showing empathy and building relationships. Men simply lack the physical wiring that women have to pick up subtle cues in other’s emotions. These differences are evolutionary in nature and gave women the skills they needed to serve the needs of the offspring they bore.

In today’s boardrooms, women can use the same skills to read, provide, and anticipate the needs of customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

This skill is now crucial in marketing your business, too. As consumer and buyer trust erodes further, marketing is moving from an informational, educational, and entertainment model to a relationship model. Individuals who have terrific relationship-building skills will have the edge in marketing and selling their products and services. And now, there’s finally some hard science behind learning these soft relationship-building skills.

When you can strengthen your relationship skills, the payoff is high: a devoted, highly-productive, low-turnover team, and a marketing edge.