Tax Season Stamina Boost

Here are eight ways to boost your stamina and minimize burnout for those of you who are working long hours in the weeks ahead.

1.      Understand the physical limitations of “willpower”

According to scientists, our willpower is replenished every morning after a good night’s sleep.  It’s strongest in the morning (even if you’re an evening person like me), and it wanes throughout the day.  The more stress you’re under, the faster it depletes during the day, and sometimes your willpower runs out before the day does.

If you find yourself eating healthfully during the first half of the day but snacking on unhealthy snacks at night, it’s your willpower that’s given out on you.  (Tip:  Go grocery shopping early in the day to avoid buying junk food.)

Play to your high levels of willpower in the morning by knocking out the toughest assignments, leaving the easy stuff for later in the day.  You’ll get more done and won’t feel so overwhelmed that way.

2.      Remember your why

During chaotic times, it’s important to stop, mentally or spiritually lift yourself up to the big picture out of the daily details, and gain a bird’s eye view of your life.  Do this by remembering why you’re in business in the first place.  Perhaps it’s to help people improve their financial lives.  Whatever drives you, remember it now, especially in the heat of the battle.  You will feel grounded and purposeful.

3.      Set a record

We all love a race, and we love to win even more.  Track your results – how many returns filed or some other goal, and see if you can set a record.  You’ll be energized from your progress, and you can have a little fun cheering yourself on.

4.     Look forward to a future reward

We know you’ve already got vacation flights booked for those last few weeks of April.  Savor the anticipation of the future well-deserved reward to keep you going.  You may even want to put a picture of your vacation destination on your office wall so you can peek at it during the day.

5.      Take frequent mental breaks 

Rejuvenate several times a day for just a few minutes each time.  Take a lap around the cubicles, walk outside, breathe deeply, strike a yoga pose, call a loved one, or meditate for five minutes.   You should feel a little more centered when you return.

Avoid spending your break time surfing the web, checking social media, or watching TV.  Your eyes and body need a break from the little screen.

6.      Be in the present moment   

Enjoy the new clients you meet, relish your new challenges, and laugh every opportunity you can get.  Before you know it, it will be over, and you will have missed it if you’re not living in the present moment.

Get present by engaging your five senses.  What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch?  How do you feel emotionally?  Check in with your body and find out what you need physically and emotionally right now.   Be present for others by listening deeply and responding thoughtfully.

7.      Be grateful 

Staying positive will give you a huge boost to your stamina, and one of the easiest ways to engage your positive emotions is to practice gratitude.  Think of several things you are grateful for each day; it’s a wonderful way to start the day.

8.      Have fun when you’re not working

In the few hours that remain after working and sleeping, have some fun if you can and avoid engaging your negative emotions.  Rent a classic comedy, and avoid war movies or sad love stories.  If it’s not necessary for work, avoid the depressing news stories on TV or the internet; it does make a difference!  Hang around fun friends, and laugh a lot.

Implement these stamina-boosting tips to get yourself through tax season healthier and happier than ever before.