Five Ways to Refresh, Rejuvenate, and Revitalize Your Practice

Even though we own our own businesses, there can be days when we may not feel fully motivated to perform all the tasks we need to do to run our businesses (much less aggressively grow our businesses).  And although that holds us back, we’re all human and cannot be Super-Entrepreneur all of the time.  If there is a balance to be had between work and life, how can we find it?  Here are five tips to not only enjoy some down-time but also get back to business as fast as possible.

1.      Insert periodic rewards for work well-performed or milestones reached. 

Give yourself a well-deserved bonus for reaching a revenue milestone, beating last year’s performance, or acquiring the perfect client you’ve been after for a year.  From a nice massage to a complete trip, plan a bonus that’s commensurate with your accomplishment, and take the time to enjoy it.

2.      Develop a daily positive, motivating ritual.   

Take five minutes out of every day to practice a rejuvenation ritual that works for you.  Some ideas of what your ritual could consist of include:

  1.  Make a list of three clients (or people) that you are grateful for.
  2. Set an intention to do something today to further your firm’s vision.
  3. Perform three acts of kindness for employees or clients or vendors.
  4. Read a passage out of your favorite motivational book.
  5. Think of three client interactions you are proud of.
  6. Take a look at your financials, really study them, and make a plan to improve.
  7. A few minutes of quiet meditation, beautiful music, deep breathing, or a yoga pose.

You can even vary these ideas from day to do so you won’t get bored.  You’ll be surprised how much difference even a few minutes will make and you’ll soon be looking forward to this part of the day.

3.      Connect to a deeper meaning or higher calling of your work. 

Why do you do what you do?  For most, it’s far more than paying the bills.  You have a chance to change people’s lives, and many of you are doing that within your area of specialty.  Whether it’s helping someone keep their business going, saving someone enough money so their kid can go to college after all, or simply reducing someone’s stress, acknowledge what you do.  Take a minute to realize most people can’t do what you do.  They need you.  They can benefit from your skills.  Without you, life would be harder.

4.      Remember that what you do is a choice. 

When you realize you have a choice, you gain some control.  To your brain, it’s really important that you feel like you are in control.  You do have a choice.  You’ve chosen to become an entrepreneur.  Be grateful that you can set your own course.

5.      Put your physical needs first.

Nothing looks all that great after a lousy night’s sleep.  Recognize the importance of keeping your own energy up.  It’s amazing how much difference a good night’s sleep can make to your mood.  Be sure to take care of yourself through all the normal health suggestions:  eating right, exercising, getting good sleep, surrounding yourself with positive, loving relationships, and taking frequent breaks, to name a few.

You might notice that staying motivated is mostly in your head:  it’s a mostly emotional endeavor.  Luckily, science is uncovering ways you can build your emotional muscle to stay motivated, and these ideas are a quick peek at these new ideas.

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