Need More Clients, But Hate the Idea of Selling?

Most accountants dislike marketing and selling.  They’ve been taught it’s salesy, greedy, pushy, or all of the above.  And in professional services like accounting, you have to be extra careful about how you come across.  The tough part is, even some of the value-based selling is no longer working as well as it did in the past.  Prospects can smell a sales move from miles away these days.

Yet, those of us who want to grow our firms and serve more people need to do something.    If you:

  • Have relied on referrals for most of your career, but find there simply aren’t enough referrals any more to keep your practice full,
  • Swear every tax season that you are not going to work as hard NEXT year,
  • Want to proactively grow your practice, but do not want to appear salesy or greedy or pushy, or the worst, needy,

I want to invite you to a complimentary, no-strings webinar by Sandi Smith Leyva, 5 Failsafe Strategies to Boost Your Accounting Firm Profits.    You’ll discover easy-to-implement, low-cost ways to meet your goals of getting more clients without sounding salesy and making more for yourself.

Sandi spent several years (and lots of money and time) learning from extremely successful (multi-millionaire) business professionals that are several steps (and sometimes miles) ahead of her.  She literally “didn’t know what she didn’t know” because most of these strategies do not exist in the accounting industry.   She has distilled all the tips into the highest-payback strategies that work in the accounting profession.

I hope you’ll join Sandi to discover:

  • The one strategy that will almost entirely determine the amount of profits you make each year in your business (most accounting firms are not using it)
  • The 5 skills you need to develop in order to grow your practice without being salesy or pushy, and which one is most important for you right now
  • The 3 behaviors that will derail you and hold your accounting practice back, keeping you from serving more people who need your help
  • 3 characteristics of the progressive firm, and how you can begin to get there
  • The one thing that predicts top growth for accounting firms, that many of you can implement immediately

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 “5 Failsafe Strategies to Boost Your Accounting Firm Profits”

with Sandi Smith Leyva, CPA

Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 9AM Pacific, Noon Eastern

Sandi will even gift qualified participants with one hour of CPE (subject to your state board’s approval).

The truth is that many of us work way too hard (especially right now) for too little reward (Sandi did, serving accounting clients, for years and years).  Find out the keys to boosting your profits on this webinar.

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