Two Steps to Easy Upsells

For those of you who have current clients in your accounting practice, this is a great spreadsheet exercise you can do to identify what I call “low-hanging fruit,” which means added revenue that will not take too much time or money to go after.

Open Excel or your favorite spreadsheet tool, and make a worksheet from the sales numbers in your accounting system.  List the name of each current, active client you have in the rows of the spreadsheet.  Across the top, make columns for each service you offer.  For example, if you offer tax, bookkeeping, and QuickBooks consulting, you will have three columns.

You can break your revenue out any way you like.  The more columns, the better.

Then, drop in your revenue numbers from your accounting system.  In QuickBooks, you may be able to run your Sales by Customer Summary to make it faster.  You can create the columns by class, if that’s what you use to break out your revenue by service line.

That’s step one, to create your spreadsheet.

Goose Egg = Golden

Step two is the fun part.  Where do you have zeroes in the cells?  For example, if Client Clark had money on his row in the bookkeeping column and the QuickBooks column but not the payroll column, then you’ll want to color that empty cell or highlight it somehow.

For each empty highlighted cell in your spreadsheet, ask yourself why it’s empty.  Why are you not doing Clark’s payroll?  Is there a revenue opportunity there?

Make a list of all the possible opportunities you have, and sort them in order of most likely or most profitable.

Increasing Your Revenue per Client

Approach each client and let them know you offer the missing service.  They may not even know!  (This happens far too often.)  You might be surprised at how receptive they will be.  After all, they already trust you, and you can reduce their complexity of working with multiple vendors by doing more for them.

Doing marketing via spreadsheets is not only easy and fun, but it can be profitable too.  I hope you have a good list of easy upsell opportunities to pursue.