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What’s your top concern in your business?  How does it compare to others? In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the AICPA PCPS (Private Companies Practice Section) CPA Firm Top Issues Survey.


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Top Issues Facing Accounting Firms


The top issue facing accounting firms with more than one professional in the practice is finding and/or retaining qualified staff.  If you’re solo, the top issue is keeping up with changes and complexity of the tax laws.  This is all according to the bi-annual Top Issues survey conducted by the AICPA’s PCPS section.

The most difficult position to fill right now is one that requires experienced CPA staff.  With the boomers retiring, more professionals starting their own firm, and the industry growing, competition is fierce for accounting professionals.

When I spent time in Nepal working at an eye hospital where there was a severe shortage of eye doctors, the hospital compensated by hiring para-professionals.  The doctors stayed in surgery all day and the para-professionals took care of as much as they could and referred the rest to the doctors.  The medical profession has done this for a few decades now with nurse practitioners who can take care of run-of-the-mill flu cases, lots of phone calls, and vitals monitoring.

The profession has a huge number of talented paraprofessionals, many of whom are quite tech-savvy.  Smart firms are already leveraging this great resource of accounting para-professionals.  It’s not a full fix, but an option for some firms.

Better delegation to smart admin support personnel can ease the burden as well.  There is always more you can delegate!  I remember being bored out of my mind at most of my jobs in my 20s and 30s, and the reason was that my superiors always underestimated me and kept me in a box.  I wonder how much that happens today with all the smart young people we have in the profession.

Other issues that are consistently on the list of all size firms include succession planning and seasonality and workload compression.  Both hiring and succession planning are affected by the huge number of Baby Boomers retiring now and into the next decade.

Smaller firms grappled with the effect on firms caused by new federal and state regulations, while the largest and smallest firms included bringing in new clients.


What’s your firm’s top issue?  Sen us an email or post the answer on our blog.

You can get more info about the survey results here:



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